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  1. For Her Smile



“For Her Smile”

She’s a hard one to figure
Heaven knows how I’ve tried
Now I’ll be first to admit it’s true
Even after all that she’s put me through
I would do anything for her smile

There were times I was certain
She would surely be mine
But just as soon as I’d feel that way
She would find some other new game to play, still
I would do anything for her smile

She’s that kind of girl that makes you feel
You’ll never need to find another
But when it all goes wrong, and her love has moved on
You’ll try to let her go, but in your heart you want her so

Sometimes when I remember
How I hoped it would be
I catch myself reaching for the phone
Cause I know I’ve got to leave her alone, still
I would do anything, I would give anything
I would do anything for her smile, for her smile