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  1. A Very Good Year



“A Very Good Year”

Jaime was a painter she lived in a loft
Her talent was soft but her heart was not
She couldn't keep her mouth shut one too many times
And so for her crimes she was not well liked
Maybe that's the secret of her allure
In spite of the tour I'm still not really sure
When the paint began to run, it really wasn't very fun
The portrait I was shown, was better left alone

Ammie was an actress I met through a friend
She was quite the blend of a cat and a girl
Foolishly I lent her my favorite CDs
Then sure as you please I have not seen her since
I suppose that isn't much of a price
To pay once or twice for a roll of the dice
As the curtain hit the stage, I tried to write another page
The magic it had passed, I had to change the cast

Sara was a singer whose style was her own
Without crown or throne she resembled a queen
I often thought she had way too many tattoos
But a child of the blues can get caught in the scene
In the end I knew there'd be hell to pay
I knelt down to pray while the song slipped away
When the silence finally came, I was left to take the blame
Performing a duet, with my own silhouette

All and all I thought it was a very good year